[Bumped from the diaries. This is a nice offseason discussion topic, and no, it hasn't really been discussed at length here before. I'm not in total agreement, but I'll add my own thoughts in the comments.

Also, scroll down for SP Yup's Rod Strickland post. -PM]

OK, I know I'm relatively new- so don't crucify me if this has been suggested before. But now that our roster seems to pretty much be shaped, I have the simple suggestions to make us into a top 3 team this year.

Move Jamison to the bench. We all know 'the big 3' has a nice ring to it, but is it necessary? Not just that, is it the smart thing to do? We all know that A-0 is the man, and can pretty much score at will. We all know that Caron's mid-range game is extra capable and that he is very adept in the open court. Also, we all saw how a combination of Daniels -Jamison and that style of play worked in the playoffs... as a second unit.

Put Songalia in the starting lineup. I think we will see big dividends from having Songalia in training camp. I am a big fan of what he can do, as he knows he is a role player and as a starter could easily add 11 points to the table.

Start Arenas-Stevenson-Butler-Songalia-Haywood.
2nd Unit Daniels-McGuire-Jamison-Blatche-Thomas
Bench Young-Percherov

Now I'm not doubting Eddie's skills as a competent coach (for the moment) but I don't see the logic in having 3 big scorers in the starting lineup and no threat from the bench. If Jamison was 2nd team, we wouldn't be forced to watch him attempt to guard all-star forwards and he could dominate the ball on the offensive end-- with a very capable distributing PG getting him the ball... against 2nd teamers. Doesn't Jamison scoring 18-22 points as a 2nd teamer mean more then a 3rd option starter? I'm thinking Gil can take his scoring above 30 and Caron can make it to 23 ppg to make up for it.

If Jamison starts, where does our bench scoring come from? I know we all saw McGuire's potential- but to act as if he can come into this league scoring is a bit much. I think we all know I'm just not that high on Nick Young, but if he does have something to contribute, put him in at the backup 2 and slide everyone else down a position: DM to 3, AJ to 4, Blatche to 5.

Then again, it's 4 in the morning so I might be talking out of... somewhere that's not meant for talking.

Your thoughts?

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