The BF Holiday List

I think it's fair to say that the gift aspect of the holiday season is not time-specific.  It can occur before December 25, and I think it's not too unfair to suggest it can occur afterwards, at least up until the new year.

Still, I imagine most of the Wizards opened their presents yesterday.  Below the jump, here's one guy's guess as to what they received.  

Gilbert Arenas: A beginner's guide to blogging.  Seeing as how the dude is on the shelf for a while, this will offer him the chance to get to know his new go-to medium.

Caron Butler: 500 fat straws.  It won't last until the new year, but every little bit helps.

Antawn Jamison: A book on pool trick shots.  It's not basketball, but considering Jamison's odd release point on so many off-balanced shots, this book probably makes sense.

DeShawn Stevenson: An ADT security system.  Bet you thought I would do something with swag, huh?  Hah!  Proved you wrong.  In all seriousness, after the incident this summer, DeShawn's probably needing a new security system.

Brendan Haywood: A video on post play.  In all seriousness, it was probably very hard to buy for Brendan this year, considering how well he's been playing, but I think we could all agree that his post moves still need some work.

Antonio Daniels: Paul Shirley's book.  Okay, AD's not that much of a journeyman, but I think he can relate.

Etan Thomas: Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.  I know, I know, this joke was way too easy.  My bad.

Darius Songaila: The Borat DVD.  So he can work on his impression.

Nick Young: Free Darko's SWAG shirt.  Let's face it, Hollywood is going to be the next Gil, at least with regards to his personality.

Andray Blatche: A set of weights for his house.  As far as the dude has come, he's still woefully weak for a big man.

Dominic McGuire: The Better Basketball Better Shooting 2 DVD featuring J.J. Redick.  In return, Taser sent Redick a Better Basketball Better Everything Else 5 DVD, featuring Dominic McGuire.

Roger Mason: A mini-hoop.  That way, he'll actually make some of the dumb shots he takes.  

Eddie Jordan: A collage of Wizznutzz's faces of Eddie Jordan.  Nothing better than taking a look at yourself, especially when you look kind of like Bowzer from Super Mario.

Ernie Grunfeld: A copy of The Negotiator.  I mean, what else?

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