Blogs have birthdays too

Game thread is coming, folks, so stay tuned.

Today is a big day, because it marks the one-year anniversary of this site moving to Sports Blog Nation.  When I started here, I never imagined how much this community would grow in just a year's time, and that's a tribute to all the great readers that make this site worthwhile.  To all of you, kudos.  

In recognition of this site's first birthday, let's run down some of the memorable moments in BF history.

The site's very first post.  Since then, 822 posts have been made, and I can't even begin to count how many diaries and comments.  

The Bullets Forever 2006 holiday wish list.  Fear not, this will make a triumphant return this year.

Carnival of the NBA #39.  I remember practically begging to host this, then regretting in once my inbox was overflowing with requests.

Still the funniest post of all time on this site.

The incredible fall of Jarvis Hayes.  I guess "incredible" wasn't the right word choice there.

I interview Dan Steinberg.  Dan Steinberg helps me get a job with Comcast this summer.  Dan Steinberg repeatedly gives BF love.  Dan Steinberg is the man.

Jake's first-ever Video/YouTube correspondent post.  As a sidenote, this was one of Jake's first front-page posts, and this community has taken off the more Jake has become involved.  Seriously, we wouldn't be where we're at right now if not for Jake.

The "Phenomenal Swag" wallpaper, courtesy you know who.

Nick Young: Love at first sight.

The Negotiator!.

Introducing the Bullets Forever Top 20.  Thanks to all who have participated thus far, but as you can see, there are still 8 more people to go.  Anyone interested in filling in a gap, just write a diary and I'll promote it.

Dariesky Songailerov.

Remembering Michael Jordan as a Wizard.

Hollinger predicts 33 wins.  GASP!

Jake interviews Darvin from Wizznutzz.  Does that make us Jeff Malone to their Moses Malone?  Or is it the other way around.

The official 2007-08 BF season preview.

The Nick Young for slam dunk contest campaign starts here,  is immortalized here, and continues to grow.

Where BF happens.

The amazing Wizards offense.

The Bermuda triangle.

Alternate uniforms: Trusted everywhere.

Again, thanks to everyone here for making this site great, and here's to a phenomenal second year of existence.  
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